Full Moon Reflection in Pisces

Keynote:   “I leave the Father’s Home, and turning back I save

Treading the Path of return, the story of the prodigal son within each member of the human family is exemplified in the sign of Pisces. Pisces carries forth within the whole process of involution and evolution, the going forth of the unit of life into a material state of consciousness, so dense that for long ages form had lost its realisation and connection to its divine nature. This is on the involutionary arc of descent.

The keynote ‘I leave the Father’s home, and turning back I save’ depicts the journey of ‘descent into captivity’ (form imprisoned in matter) and ‘the path of return’ (redemption of matter into spirit).

There is also a dual renunciation referred to in these key words, for first of all the soul renounces the life and light of the Monad, its source (symbolised by the words “the Father’s home”), and descends into the ocean of matter; then, reversing itself, the Soul renounces the life of form, the personality centre. The Soul detaches itself (in consciousness) from the Monad, the One, and functions from its own centre, making its own new and material attachments. Then, upon the reversal of the wheel, it proceeds to detach itself from the personality and reattach itself in consciousness to the One Who sent it forth. Such is the climaxing story of Pisces.” (Esoteric Psychology)

Pluto is the esoteric ruler of Pisces and is the agent of death and can relate to the deep subconscious elements of our being. The lessons of Pluto can be dramatic as all that is hidden and dark within us seeks to be revealed and ultimately transformed. Pluto also serves as the vehicle for the First Ray energy of destruction. It represents that process which breaks down the sense of selfishness and separateness of the personality. Personal will can then become transcended into a more divine realised self, utilising the Will-to-Good as an invocation for greater selfless service.

Through the redemptive work of Pluto to break down the illusion of separation and division, can the influence of Pisces enable the individual to become a conduit for higher spiritual energies to flow outwardly and impel to heal and make whole.

Pisces, influenced by Pluto the ray of destruction and redemption, symbolises the World Saviour and what is depicted in the Scriptures as the passion of the Christ. The Human Spirit is the indwelling Christ, the Loving Presence of the Soul. We are compelled to travail the path of return, so that spirit can triumph over form on our journey back to our Father’s house.
















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