Full Moon Reflection in Sagittarius

The Sun in Sagittarius

Keynote:   “I see the Goal, I reach the Goal, and then I see another

In ancient times Sagittarius was represented by the Centaur. Over time the symbol changed to the archer, where horseman and horse are separated, and where the horseman is the soul and the horse the personality. The archer begins to feel the call of the soul. The soul allows the man to see that there exists something besides and beyond his animal nature. So personal ambition is transformed into spiritual aspiration; from egotism we pass to a more impersonal form and from an interest centred solely on oneself we pass to an interest in the outer – an interest in others.

In our time the symbol used to represent Sagittarius is an arrow with a small section of the bow. The horse and rider are both gone because they are no longer necessary; only the arrow remains and the man is now free to follow the arrow that he has fired, and, once he reaches it, he fires it further ahead. This is the aspirant, this is the path: abandon that which binds, that which restrains, because it is no longer necessary, let go the personality. materiality, ties, desires, personal ambitions. This separation from oneself, from one’s own apparent nature, leads the human being to become the arrow, which every time it is reached is fired towards another goal; the person identifies with the direction that they have taken and becomes the path itself.

Put another way, the bow and arrow represent freedom or one-pointedness; the shaft of the arrow represents the necessary aspiration which returns to the sender as the arrow of intuition. Sagittarius is one of the intuitive signs, for only the intuition will suffice to carry a man to the foot of the mountain of initiation in Capricorn. In the final stages of life upon the Mutable Cross, Sagittarius achieves the determination to “direct energy into another way of life and with ardour firm, mount another cross ~the Cardinal Cross ”.

Each incarnation that we find ourselves under the influence of Sagittarius, it is with the purpose of orienting to some new and higher objective, with the task of refocusing towards a higher goal and with the unfoldment of some basic and directing purpose. These developing purposes may range all the way from purely animal desire, through selfish human ambition, to the struggle of the aspiring disciple or initiate in order to achieve the needed liberation towards which the entire evolutionary process has impelled us.

The life of a Sagittarian is like walking along a path in a mountain range; once the immediate climb is achieved there opens a vista of new possibilities where one must choose a new higher goal and one-pointedly head towards it with determination and perseverance. Having achieved that, another goal comes into view as we head towards the mountain of Initiation in Scorpio.














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