Changing Dark Into Light Through the Power of Thought

by Judith Dunne –

It is a well understood truth in esoteric science that energy follows thought.  Adding to this, Einstein’s mass-energy equivalence (E=mc2) indicates that all in the material world may be viewed as an expression of energy. These principles underlie working with the power of thought. However the latter cannot be undertaken lightly as it does require knowledge, training and an understanding of its consequences. Alice Bailey’s book “A Treatise on White Magic” (page 235/6) informs that “magical work must be based on love, animated by wisdom and intelligently applied”. We also read that magical work needs to begin in the disciple’s own life, extended to the world of the astral plane, and from there to demonstrate on the physical plane.

When working with thought to change dark into light, it would seem prudent to have an insight into the composition of darkness. Darkness is more than just absence of light. It is actually an entity in its own right with a positive centre of force which can sweep ignoble impulses or aspects into that line of force. It is made up of many forms of negative energy, such as illusory fears, ignorance, base urges, selfish motives, crystallized intellectuality, false teachings, mental inertia and mass manipulation, to name just some. All these elements are vehicles used by dark force as it works to maintain itself. The force itself, so the Bailey book “Esoteric Psychology II” tells us, that in the last analysis, it is simply those entrenched ancient ideals and habits of thought which have served their purpose to bring the human race to its present point of development, “and as its purpose has now been outlived, it must now disappear”! (page 630)

Before we examine ways in which lighted thought can be used to neutralize darkness, let us look at some of the opportunities presently existing in which darkness is using to maintain its influence. Perhaps the most prominent is the disturbing reality of the many minor wars which are occurring round the world. A 2014 report from the Institute of Economics and Peace cites that only eleven countries out of one hundred and sixty-two were ever free from conflict of some kind or another. Economically the most damaging avenue for the dark force to use is the arms trade where, in 2012, figures show that a staggering $1.7 million was spent by warring nations on armaments. We could speculate that three years later this volume has more than likely increased.

It is known that armed conflict arises through the working of group-mind, often subconsciously. The result of this mass thinking is the creation of dominant thought-forms which hold that conflict is the only solution to ideological, political and comparable problems, and when seeking answers to opposing forces, it becomes the default position. Entrenchment in such ideas causes escalations of conflict; and when one ends, it often produces the seeds for another to begin.

A prominent theosophist Geoffrey Hodson in his article “Mind Radio” way back in 1946 wrote:

“The power of individuals mentally to influence the thought, character and conduct of others increases by geometrical progression. … When thinking together in groups, the enormous potentiality for good, of groups of dedicated and trained servers of the race, who deliberately use their thought power for beneficent purposes, at once becomes obvious.”

He continues:

“[Esoteric]… work for the welfare of all, without thought of return or reward, is white magic. It brings untold blessings to the world as well as to those by whom it is intelligently performed.”

Humanity is not powerless to offset and transform negative forces and one method in which these entrenched elements can be overcome is the strength of group energy behind the power of trained lighted thought. In the Aquarian age in which humanity has now entered, it is the focused mind which is the mechanism for the spiritual progression of the human race.

The mind, especially collectively, has an awesome capacity to achieve astonishingly potent results, and as we automatically share in a vast group-mind and cosmic-consciousness, the potential for transformation is breathtaking when used in a trained and intelligent manner. The experimental work of the Institute of Noetic Sciences in the United States over past decades has shown that group consciousness responds to major events. When global events unfold a universal coherence in consciousness, engendering an ordered response occurs. We only need to look at the large numbers of people who responded in like manner to the death of Princess Diana in 1997, and the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York to recognize this happening.

When thousands consciously work together with fixed intent for the benefit of humanity, a continuous energy current directed at dispelling negative thought-forms takes place. Collectively harnessing positive thought-power will link into, and draw upon, higher forces in the elevated realms of those who guide and watch over the planet.

Distinct from the work of aspirants, disciples at an advanced stage will use broader methods for rendering dark forces neutralized and impotent, and Initiates, through knowledge of the Universal Law and with Words of Power, will cause dark forces to reverse and return to their originating centre, thus neutralizing their damage. The “Discipleship in the New Age II” book (page 748) tells of the need for protection for those working with white magic in this way.

Working in ways that consciously transmutes dark force with light requires disciples who can absorb, transmute and transfer light. This work comes within the protecting aura of the Head of the Hierarchy, so that even though such work may arouse antagonism on the astral plane, disciples working with potency are, as the book says, “marked for protection”. This may not necessarily mean that disciples will be free from confrontations, but with stability of intent and a fearless attitude steeped in the knowledge of the all-encompassing light of the Christ, such confrontations will not prevent disciples from achieving their objective.

One of the less challenging ways of neutralizing dark force so the book “A Treatise on White Magic” informs, (page 317/8) is to use the basic characteristic of harmlessness. The practice of harmlessness is the best and easiest way for aspirants to work, as what is attracted using harmlessness is only that which is beneficial. The beneficial forces thus attracted can then be used for the helping of others. The practice of positive harmlessness works out in right thought based on intelligent love, right speech governed by self-control, and right action founded on an understanding of spiritual law. This is not a harmlessness that comes from weakness or ‘peace at any price’, but one that springs from control of the personality by the soul that leads to spiritual expression in every-day life.

Individuals and groups have at hand a powerful tool to use in the work of transformation. It is the focused mind! The quality and intent of a loving mind, inspired by enlightened thought, fuelled by the imagination, and motivated by the will-to-good, will serve to counteract dark energy. It is the mind that gives direction to energy, and energy follows guided thought. As the nature of the soul is light, through right direction the mind can reflect that which the soul knows. From the book “Heart” (sloca 20) we read:

“That is why all the ruses of lower magic, relying as they do on [negative] force, pale in comparison with the first light of the heart. You do not need mediumistic phenomena to sense the Light …”

White magicians “reach into the light and bring it down to meet the need. Thus with the light they work and turn the darkness into day.”

Scattered all over the world are little centers of light with beams that radiate from one another; that meet and interlace. Each individual light works within its own sphere, striving to create an attitude of harmlessness in their everyday living. Each one acts because soul contact has been made or because the intuition has attracted the server to what seems true and right. The resulting network of light that each individual creates forms a network of light. This results in a subjectively united group, creating a pool of thought that each contributes to and that each can draw upon.

A group working together is the desired approach for white magical work. Group work has an underlying rationale – it adds to the potency of the intent and it is the correct method to advance the collaborative approach of the objective. With awareness, training and understanding guiding all magical work, darkness can be transformed by the power of lighted thought using the mind focused within the inspiration of love. To reiterate the words of Geoffrey Hodson: “the enormous potentiality for good, of groups of dedicated and trained servers of the race, who deliberately use their thought power for beneficent purposes, at once becomes obvious.” … “[Esoteric] … work for the welfare of all, without thought of return or reward, is white magic. It brings untold blessings to the world as well as to those by whom it is intelligently performed.”

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