Path of Discipleship

“It is to be noted that there is upon our planet a group of men and women belonging to every nation, who are definitely upon the Path of Discipleship and because of their status, they are all of them as definitely serving the race. They are subjectively welded together into a body, which we have called the New Group of World Servers, for lack of a better name. Their characteristics are well known, for many have made a careful study of this group for two or tree years and many also form a part of it.

Prominent members of this group are to be found in every country in Europe, in China and Japan, in North and South America, and in South Africa. In Australia, New Zealand and other countries not enumerated above, members and servers of this group are to be found.

Many of these group members know or recognise each other from the similarity of objectives, ideals and methods, to be seen in their work, but in many cases they remain unknown to each other. Group members are to be found working in all fields of human enterprise, – economic, political, social and religious.”

Esoteric Psychology II page 650


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