Group Work

by Judith Dunne…From the earliest stages of unfolding Group development it was clear that a new-age vision was emerging, and in response, a new group of spiritually-minded thinkers arose. These thinkers are working globally to illumine the minds of humanity. They are active externally and at the same time function on the inner plane of spiritual living. They are known as The New Group of World Servers.

Their role is clear. Their purpose is to work, in conscious or unconscious ways, as mediators between the spiritual Hierarchy and humanity to aid in the manifestation of new, inspired and beneficial ideas into human consciousness. They are connected with others in a network of lighted consciousness, live by the principle of goodwill and observe no racial, national or religious barriers.

This global group exemplifies that consciousness is an integral part of the greater Whole and that groups working in harmony together bring about a stronger focus than individual effort alone. With this in mind it might be interesting to examine what underpins the formation of such groups, and what challenges are to be faced as individuals strive to work cooperatively together.

Merle Stubbs’ book “Journey of a Lifetime:” (page 41) explains how a group might initially be formed, where she writes: “two members had met at a group meeting, one had arrived early and the other was the last to join the group, and stood quietly in the doorway. Both had an awareness of merging with one another”. She describes it as:

“I found myself expanding out beyond my body [so that] there was no space between us. Our being filled the room and extended out… into space and into the universe itself.”

They formed a group with others and met to meditate together. During one meditation a group member ‘glanced up’, and saw a network of triangles spreading in all directions, and told the others “We are part of a network [of light] that surrounds the planet. As we work let’s be aware of this fact”. This network of light is the linking factor in all group work.

 Sri Aurobindo, from the East, expresses the same concept: “We need to recognize that individuals exist not in themselves alone, but in the collective …”.

And from the Bailey book “Esoteric Psychology 11” page 145 we read: “None of these ray participants … can really work without each other, and no group can carry on alone”.

And from page 146:   “As we learn to obliterate … out of our consciousness ourselves as central figures in our life drama, then and only then can we measure up to our potential as servers of the Plan.”

Could it be summarized in the following way, that the formation of groups on the physical plane is the outer response and expression of a greater inner group?

In considering the issue of global group work, a World Goodwill paper describes the four types of groups that make up the citizens of the world. It is emphasized that it is a generalization, as there are also many bridging groups between these four major divisions, but it does serve to demonstrate what diversities exist.

Firstly there is what is described as the uninformed masses. This group is thought to be in an ‘inflamed condition’ because of poverty, illiteracy, hunger, lack of employment and without the means for cultural advancement. Although the difficulties in this group are enormous, they are nevertheless able to respond to inspired ideas.

The second group constitutes the bulk of any nation. This group is made up of a mixture of characteristics; intelligence, diligence, analytical, occasionally narrow-mindedness, and the religiously oriented. They face economic and ideological conflicts, and form a powerful element in any nation.

Thirdly are the thinkers everywhere. This group is educated, intellectually oriented and can sense ideas and formulate them into ideals. They utilize all known methods to reach the general public. They steadily influence world affairs both for good and selfish ends.

The fourth group is the New Group of World Servers whose characteristics embrace inclusiveness, and foster ideas of mutual interrelation and interdependence.

This group works in many differing ways to advance the constructive interests of humanity. They regard money as a responsibility to be dispensed wisely in service of others; they are the educators in every field working with wisdom and knowledge garnered from study and experience; and they endeavor to prepare the younger generation to live beautiful, constructive and creative lives. In addition, this group exhibits an international vision and when active in the field of international politics, acknowledges that each nation may have something of value to contribute to the family of nations.

With such diversity it might be perceived that the challenge to work cooperatively together is insurmountable. What could be the bond that forms the basis of group service? Could it be the gradual expression of the ideal of goodwill? Could it be the Enlightened Ones who stand behind humanity planting ideas in the minds of thinkers, and who watch over human evolution and destiny? Or could it be the determination of the spiritual Hierarchy of the planet to train human minds towards the development of a more synthetic global unity?

All these factors combine to form the basis of group service. As Merle Stubbs’ book “Journey of a Lifetime:” (page 87) states:

“At the risk of over-simplification, identical at-one-ness may be understood as an experience of relationship at inner levels of being, and may be said to express from the ‘inside out’ as it … reveals the essential unity of life. In other words, those expressing identical at-one-ness carry this spiritual state into their world of outer living”.

And from page 107: “[Service] work that is done on the outer plane, if we have sufficient understanding, is in exact concert with the inner group’s intention. There is really no separation, no distinct ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ group. … The outer group counterpart of the inner group is part of a complete whole”.

The possible challenges to be met when working in small or large groups could be summarized through the following four points:

  • Maintain a focus on the work to be done, leaving personal issues aside
  • Recognize the value of relationships within the group or groups to maintain a freedom to interact in harmony
  • Recognize the necessity to address personal challenges outside of group life
  • Strengthen the awareness that group connection removes the inclination to think of oneself as separate from group focus

A major task of all groups working for the benefit of humanity is to convey thought-forms of international understanding, economic interdependence and mutual cooperation to aid the emergence of a more harmonious world.



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