Ten Seed Groups

The Ten Seed Groups

Hierarchy sanctioned in 1931 the starting of experimental seed groups. These new groups were to become focal points of training for group integrity and cohesiveness. The results demonstrate to the watching Hierarchy the extent to which disciples can subordinate their personalities to the greater good of the group and how sensitive they can be to guidance and instruction.

“It is essential that members of these groups have a wider vision, their membership in any of the groups constitutes an act of service while they are rendering to the work which I and other members of the Hierarchy are carrying forward under the Plan.  The individual disciple must not look upon his work as a marvellous opportunity for his own spiritual advancement. All true disciples are equally distinguished by a determination to make the groups successful and all are longing to get as much out of the group work as possible”       DINA 1 pg 102

The true motive for membership in such groups is an act of service and not for any personal advancement.

“The groups are intended to work together eventually just as the various departments of a great organisation work effectively together as a unit. They must function smoothly and intelligently within themselves and also in their inter-relation with each other. This will become possible when the individual members in the groups and the individual groups of disciples lose sight of their own identities in an effort to make this hierarchical work possible. In this type of group work, the feelings, reactions, wishes and successes of the individual most emphatically do not count.” (ibid.)

The over-riding objective is the group effort to enrich the group consciousness. If we want these groups to fulfil their intended purpose, we are to lose sight of ourselves, personally and consider only the welfare of the groups as a whole.

To become a true disciple requires sacrifice of the personal life. A greater will is at work in all hierarchically inspired projects and that Divine Will calls for the obedience and even negation of the lower personal will. It is the true formation of group consciousness.

The Seed Group structure proposed by the Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet includes ten fields of service with their own assigned tasks.

The Ten Seed Groups, as outlined in DINA 1 include the following:


    People receptive to impression from the Masters and each other, custodians of group purpose, working largely on the mental plane.


    Seeing clearly through all events. Working on the astral plane at dissipating glamour, bringing illumination to humankind.


    An intelligent transmission of energy to facilitate mental, emotional and physical healing – through the right circulation of force. They must not work as individuals but as units in a coherent whole.


    Emphasis is upon the building of the antahkarana and the use of the mind in meditation. They act as transmitters of two aspects of divine energy – knowledge and wisdom.


    Work in the world of human government, dealing with the problems of relationships between nations, and the bringing about of international understanding. The work embodies the method whereby the divine Will works out in the consciousness of races and nations. (Note: working to strengthen the momentum toward greater understanding and cooperation between the representatives of nations in the United Nations forum would seem appropriate here)


    Their work is to formulate the universal platform of the new world religion, a work of loving synthesis and unity of spirit. (An office held at present by the Christ).


    Revealing the essential spirituality of all scientific work motivated by the love of humanity and its welfare. Equivalent with the development of etheric vision and the enlightenment of the fact of reincarnation under the Law of Rebirth.


    Based upon the seven ray types and the new esoteric astrology. The transmission of the energy of ideas (as in an explanation of the seed thoughts of the monthly zodiac meditations).


    Dealing with the Law of Supply and Demand with a greater emphasis on the principle of sharing. This principle must govern economic relations in the future.


    These are communicators relating Divinity to Life. Spiritually inspired creativity, synthesis by demonstration of new forms of culture and civilisation, including the 10 seed group structure. The arts based on active goodwill, which leads to right human relations.

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