Breaking Open the Tomb of Matter: Worldwide Servers and the Internet

by Susan Shore –

How the New Group of World Servers is working via this lighted network.

After the Tibetan Master DK’s establishment of the New Seed Group (of World Servers), when the work had not gone according to plan, and he discontinued the direct experiment, it would not have surprised if the New Group of World Servers had practically petered out. Instead, DK informs us, the early invocation work of this group made it possible for the Christ to make his Great Decision near the end of World War 11, to return to earth and suffering humanity. There was, at that time, only a small group of servers who had risen from the ranks of humanity. Prior to that, there were only individual disciples.

Has there been real growth in the service of humanity by dedicated groups? The growth of soul influence in the world in the last 70 years since the end of World War 2, which according to DK, might have enslaved the mass of humanity, or ended civilisation, is measurable. The clearing and reorientation of the Great War conflict, led to the relative victory of light. This gave great impetus to all groups seeking to lift and heal humanity and all life on the planet. From a very few before the Great War, (the Red Cross began in 1863) they are now numerous and worldwide. One is AVAAZ; “A Voice” in several languages. Members come from every nation to form a great serving group taking effective action on the urgent issues and to ‘lift and save, nourish and heal’ humanity and the planet.

Avaaz, says Wikipedia, is a global civic organization launched in January 2007 that acts on issues such as climate change, human rights, animal rights, corruption, poverty, and conflict; it works to “close the gap between the world we have and the world most people everywhere want.” The organization operates in 15 languages and claims over [now forty] million members in 194 countries, and The Guardian considers it “the globe’s largest and most powerful online activist network”.

The organisation has been able to take its radically new etheric (and astral and mental) form due to Einstein’s discovery of E=Mc2 and quantum physics, and associated nuclear science and technology; and the new forms of energy now available; viz. the internet. Love and goodwill, concretising in the divine energy needed to enable action, money, stream in from supporters all over the globe, to a central point in New York. From there they travel out again carrying the collective action to stop abuses by the powerful of humans, animals and the environment. This collective action by an important representative group of humanity, travels down the pathways of the lighted network of devic-electrical energies that is the Internet.

Do energies generated here change anything on the physical level? The worldwide call to action by Avaaz and fellow groups, on 21/09/2014, resulted in the New York march of at least 310,000 people protesting the inaction of governments.”There is no Plan B, because we do not have Planet B”, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon told reporters as he marched. (ABC News, 21 Sept 2014) It is as a result of the energies of this literally shining example of global collaboration on the project of human and planetary upliftment, that President Obama began re-energising the response to climate change of the nations of the world.

Avaaz is both global and globalised and its approach is less bleeding-heart liberal than hard-headed pragmatist. It doesn’t launch a campaign to save fin whales or to bring peace to Palestine because Patel, or the staff passionately believe in it (though they might). They launch a campaign that they think will fly. It’s tried out on a sample of members and then they gauge the response. [In fact we, the members, will have been polled online for the categories of causes to support. Before action is taken in any consensus category, Avaaz HQ works out a campaign strategy, then tests it.] Patel says it’s a way of ensuring that the members have the ultimate power, that they’re the boss, not [he]. [1] The Guardian, 17/11/2013

Here Avaaz is shown modelling DK ’s dictum: Organisations in the Aquarian Age must share authority and responsibility through the group as a whole~in a truly co-operative and democratic, not authoritarian, or dictatorial, structure. It is heartening to watch the evolution of models of management/organisation. Advanced practice comes from Adult Development and Integral Theory movements. At a recent Adult Development conference in NZ, sessions included Developing consciousness in leaders and Working in an intentionally developmental organisation.

Other measures of increase of soul influence, come from psychology and sociology. Collective consciousness of cultures has moved up the developmental spiral from primitive unconscious immersion to tribalism to egocentric warrior culture like that of the Vikings, to the Traditionalism which follows rules and the leader’s dictates (but here we at last have the vital Rule of Law! a huge evolution) that still characterises 70% of the world’s people.

It took aeons, then millennia, then long centuries, in each case, to achieve the next shift. Then in the West we reached Modernism: the scientific materialist culture, in the 1700’s with the Enlightenment and Newton and Descartes. It only took till the 1970’s for the next shift, into Postmodernism, to occur. We are now seeing the rise of Post post-Modernism.

Avaaz is a Postmodern achievement in its insistence on the absolute value of the individual even against the society, on individual freedom and self-definition against conformity to society’s cookie-cutter definition, and on the equality of all people, all cultures, all ideologies and religions, and the rights of all including animals, to a decent life.

It is Post-postmodern, in its collectivity; in its recognition of the group and the group soul and humanity as a whole, beyond the individual “go my own way’ Postmodernist. That is, as an organisation it is shifting into the soul consciousness of what’s called the Second Tier (Post-postmodern) stages. The structure of the organisation, as mentioned above, with the group soul as the consciously promoted driving force, attests to this.

These Second Tier stages are characterised by the Watcher awareness, looking down into the personality and observing its ‘hi-jinks and shenanigans’ as they were called at that Adult Development conference. The vital thing to note is that where there were a mere .002% in Second Tier worldwide (estimated) in the 1980’s, that rose to 2%, and has recently been revised to around 5%. When this reaches 10%, we are supposed to be at a crucial tipping -point for humanity as a whole.

The internet is also assisting the development of the new world religion. DK’s “Cycle of Conferences”  characterising the rising activity of the New Group of World Servers, has gone online too. As an example: In 2014, integral theorist Ken Wilber, and a spiritually diverse group held Buddhism, the Fourth Turning, exploring an updated Buddhism.

In 2015, it is the turn of Christianity in Return to the Heart of Christ Consciousness. Wilber writes:

There is an innate proclivity for spiritual practice that comes online at the integral stage Taken together, our direct experience and more advanced interpretations of the Divine enrich our spiritual lives to a degree never before possible. Our hearts awaken more fully to ever-present Christ Consciousness, and we can no longer turn away from our our responsibility to use our lives to enact this ever-abundant Love in the world.

Our role as meditators in the World Goodwill network is to help power this collective effort for humanity, on the part of these world groups. We help conduct Light and Love and the Will-to-good to humanity and earth, and the internet network; the basis of this new collective human voice and service.


  1. Inside Avaaz can online activism really change the world? Carole Cadwalladr, The Guardian, Sunday 17 November 2013


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