Financing Hierarchical Work

“Money is the consolidation of the loving, living energy of divinity, and the greater the realization and expression of love, the freer will be the inflow of that which is needed to carry forward the work.” [“Externalization of the Hierarchy” page335].

It can be accepted that through most sacred teachings an intelligent spiritual direction for humanity is evident. This is expressed in many ways, such as the Will of God, or evolutionary processes or planetary forces, or the guiding light of the Christ. These expressions are indicative of a gradual progression of spiritual awakening through human life, with a pattern beginning to emerge – a guiding Power, a Plan or a universal recognition leading to goodness.

Could it be that our Universe is not just a ‘fortuitous occurrence of atoms’, but the working out of a great divine concept, and that the ‘good, the true and the beautiful’ is on its way? If that is the case then humanity has a responsibility to promote this desirable state, to aid those in higher realms who are ever vigilant in their guidance to steer humanity on towards that rightful and proper inheritance.

The spiritual development of the human race needs its place in the application of money, particularly into avenues where the energy of goodwill can best be utilized, and there are those of the human family who have an understanding of the importance of directing finances into channels for this purpose. This is not easy in a materially-biased world, but its concept is simple if we accept that “money is the consolidation of the loving, living energy of divinity.” From the book “Esoteric Psychology II” [pages 192 & 732] this concept is developed further where it states that in energy terms, money can be regarded as the agency through which the building forces of divinity can be constructed.

Philanthropic acts through charitable trusts and organizations are responding to the material needs of humanity and the growing impulse to give for this purpose is familiar, but what it not so clearly understood is the growing need for finance to promote the spiritual development of the human race. Just as money can be an instrument for selfishness and greed, it must also become the instrument for the promotion of goodwill.

However a greater recognition of the necessity for this purpose is needed. It has oft been quoted “that without vision, the people perish”. Vision and foresight are required to meet the need of directing money towards purposes that lift human thought and understanding, and for the development of right human relations.

Lack of money for the spiritual development for the human race is one of the major hindrances in the expansion of human consciousness. A great campaign to raise money is not necessary or demanded, but the selfless work of thousands of ordinary people is required. Perhaps the best way to implement this is the human quality of courage, as it takes courage to put aside diffidence, it takes courage to recognize a monetary need for spiritual purposes and act accordingly, and it takes courage to maintain a belief that “to those who give, more is given”.

It is not easy to relinquish money for non-material purposes, particularly when the spiritual development of humanity may not show immediate obvious results, but with a steady growing understanding of the need, spiritually-minded women and men, working in ways large and small, will be able to engender change to establish the trustworthy distribution of money to advance the model of goodwill and further the principle of right human relationships. It will be at this point that the greatest test of the energy of goodwill will demonstrate.

The book ‘Discipleship in the New Age II’ [page 221] states: “Energy which we call “money” is proving a topic of the most definite concentration; it is being most carefully considered, and the minds of thinking financiers and of wealthy humanitarian persons … will be gradually led forward … to an activity which [will be] brought into expression by spiritual insight …”

And from the book ‘Externalization of the Hierarchy’ [page 573] we read: ”Groups of spiritually minded financiers … will take hold of the world economic situation and bring about great and needed changes.” “[This] group, whose project is financial service, will be one of the most practical and interesting from the standpoint of the present world situation and modern conditions. … The task to be undertaken by this group is to study the significance of money as directed and appropriated energy.” [pages 59 & 61].

From a grass-roots level we know that the wise expenditure of financial resources is required to meet various needs: for example renting meeting premises, producing written material for distribution, for the holding of seminars, the maintaining of websites, and for other essential avenues where insights, esoteric teaching and enterprises of spiritual value may be offered, and these overheads must be responsibly dealt with.

Taking that into account, a new perception on the whole subject of money is found in the book “The Reappearance of the Christ” which points out that the subject is closely tied up with education. It advocates that the spiritual workers of the world need to educate people to recognize the necessity for humanity’s spiritual development, so that money may be channeled for this purpose. [page 172]. It further states:

“… it can be said that if the spiritual values and the spiritual responsibilities attached to money (in large quantities or small) had been properly appreciated and taught in homes and schools, we would not have had the appalling statistics of money spent on … unnecessary [items]”. “The time has now come when money must be re-valuated and its usefulness channeled into new directions”. [pages 174/175].

Money must be seen as not only the vehicle for the obtaining of goods and services, but also as a potent energy source that encompasses the whole span of human need, both physical and spiritual. The new group of world servers are tasked to recognize the hindrances that obstruct the spiritual development of the human race, and to factor into their endeavors the skills and acumen to redress it. From the same book it encourages them to “walk clear-eyed through … difficulties and pass unscathed and successful through the midst of all frustrating factors.” [page 166].

It is indeed “from the centre which we call the human race” [The Great Invocation 4th stanza] that the desired changes will come about, for the responsibility lies in the hands of human beings themselves. With a change in perception where money is concerned so it can be regarded as a spiritual asset, the custodians of it will be able to shoulder the responsibility of directing it into appropriate spiritual uses without fear or favor.

It may be said that in the final analysis, money is “crystallized energy and a concretization of etheric force”. [“A Treatise on White Magic” page 412]. Put simply it is indeed a source for the achievement of the spiritual development of the human race, and with progressive actions regarding its expenditure, and goodwill guiding its direction, the further establishment of right human relations can be anticipated, for right human relationship is the result of goodwill and the instigator of constructive changes for the upliftment of the human race.


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