Political Organisers – Seed Group 5 – Meditation

Seed Group 5 “Political Organisers” work in the world of human government, dealing with the problems of relationships between nations, and the bringing about of international understanding. The work embodies the method whereby the divine Will works out in the consciousness of races and nations.

The overshadowing purpose which the group seeks as a whole to serve includes:-

  • Bringing about international co-operation, synthesis and understanding, through the transmitting of the Divine Will into leaders and nations. 
  • Invoking the Soul of all nations to bring forth leaders of men.  (See Soul of Nations meditation)
  • Relating the Department of the Manu with humanity.

Some thoughts to build on the meditation work undertaken as a group at the time of the New Moon.

  • Leaders who embody Soul qualities and humanitarianism as leaders of nations
  • Implement the principle of sharing between nations
  • invoke the Soul of Nations to bring forth Leaders of Men
  • Create a bridge in consciousness relating the Will to Good and human will

Seed Group 5 Political Organisers meditation enquiry

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