Political Organisers – Seed Group 5 – Meditation Outline

Meditation Outline

Withdraw your consciousness from the personality and its vehicles and enter deeply into the presence of the Soul. Feel yourself established as a Soul within the field of light, love and spiritual power.

Within this meditation space recognise that here is group consciousness and where the creative work takes place.  Make an alignment with Political Seed Group servers all over the world; then merge into the planetary group Soul.  Create a link with the Spiritual Hierarchy and then to Shamballa, where the Will of God is known.

In the centre of the Will of God we stand
Naught shall deflect our will from his
We implement that Will by love
We turn towards the field of service
We, the triangle divine, work out that Will within the square
and serve our fellow-beings.

Look upward and recognise that overshadowing purpose which the group seeks as a whole to serve 

Keynote:  International co-operation, synthesis and understanding, through the transmitting of the Divine Will into leaders and nations.  Invoking the Soul of all nations to bring forth leaders of men.  Relate the Department of the Manu with humanity.
  • Invoke from that purpose the next step in the group service activity and hold the alignment for several minutes or until one registers the contact
  • Look outward to the group mental body and radiate this frequency of the thought- form created, into the mental body of the planet
  • Sound the OM
  • “Let this be done according to divine law and order”
  • Conclude with The Great Invocation

OM       OM      OM

Some thoughts to build on the meditation work undertaken as a group at the time of the New Moon.  

  • Leaders who embody Soul qualities and humanitarianism as leaders of nations
  • Implement the principle of sharing between nations
  • invoke the Soul of Nations to bring forth Leaders of Men
  • Create a bridge in consciousness relating the Will to Good and human will

Meditation Outline adapted from Seed Groups International website http://www.seedgroups.com/

Guidelines for Seed Group meditations

The meditation outline is followed by our group at the time closest to the New Moon…(utilising this particular time of the month to seed new ideas, reaffirming and strengthening the intention for the 2 week period leading up to Full Moon, and using the time of the Full Moon as a distributing point to humanity.  Thus we start the process again during the time of the next New Moon phase.

  1. Undertake the meditation outline for Political Organisers (Seed Group 5), linking remotely to each member, at the time closest to the New Moon each month using the same keynote.  (This meditation outline need not take longer than 15 minutes).
  • In the days after the New Moon and leading up to the Full Moon, as we have set the group’s intention for the formation of new ideas/concepts/thoughtforms i.e  increase understanding, synthesis and international cooperation between leaders and nations,     we continue to make mental links to our group and hold our contemplative mind on the particular keynote.  Thus energising the ideas we have set in motion
  • At the time of the Full Moon we could once again go through our meditation with a concerted focus of radiating the accumulated group energies towards humanity, as a form of world service. 


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