The 3rd Ray of Active Intelligence

[From “The Destiny of the Nations” Alice A. Bailey]

It is of major interest for us to know something about the energies and forces which produce international situations and present the complex problems within which the all nations, [including the United Nations], are confronted.  They are esoterically known as Rays, and it is these Ray energies which ceaselessly play on humanity that produce change, expressing themselves through traditions, cultures and nations.

“[The] third ray of intelligent activity … finds its expression through the third major centre on the planet – HUMANITY.  [A] loving intelligent response to the impact of the Will of God is that to which this world should respond. … A definite world effect is being produced and the new group of world servers has given much aid to this.” [p 21].

There have been three such impacts from the Shamballa energy of the Will of God in recent times and these impacts unavoidably impelled the forward movement within the consciousness of the human race to the establishment of the will-to-good.  This has been reflected in the improved working, living and other social conditions of the world’s populations since the 19th century.

”I call this to your attention as the underlying, motivating idea behind the work … that you endeavour to see the three major ideologies … in terms of the three efforts emanating from the three major planetary centres at this time: Ray One, Shamballa, the will to good; Ray Two of love/wisdom, the Spiritual Hierarchy; and Ray Three of intelligent activity, Humanity.  You will thus gain a more synthetic viewpoint, and a deeper understanding of the slowly emerging world picture” [p 21].

“I have brought this to your attention and discussed these basic modern schools of thought because the potency of their idealism is affecting every person, capable of thought, upon the planet.  Not one of you is immune from their effects …” [p 22].

It is we, humanity using the influence of the Ray Three of intelligent activity that will bring about the needed world changes.  It is we, humanity, using intelligent action motivated by the Aquarian energies of sharing, selflessness, compassion and a realisation of the unity of a one human race, that will anchor greater humanitarian and constructive outcomes into the national and international psyche of the nations.  It is we, humanity, that will bring into expression the Ray Three of Intelligent Activity.

(to be continued…..)



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