The Chain of Health & Healing

by Judy Jacka….There is an urgent need for a truly integrated and holistic approach to health and healing by all therapists and medical people.

We need to become detectives to find what part in the ‘chain’ within the various levels of our constitution needs attention. Is it an acute physical problem requiring modern surgery; a biochemical problem needing vitamins, minerals or antioxidants; an emotional problem requiring counselling; or lack of inner essence or soul energies needing to flow through all parts of our being? We could list the chain of health and disease in the following way – Soul – mind – emotions – energy field/etheric – physical body.

The general public now have access to an enormous range of therapies most of which were unheard of fifty years ago. We have moved from a fairly narrow understanding of health and illness to an almost overwhelming choice often giving rise to confusion. In no area of disease is this more obvious than in the area of cancer treatment. Sixty percent of patients in this area take some natural therapies and individuals often add various types of energy or subtle healing.

We need to explore the various levels of our constitution so as to be enabled to form some kind of relevant synthesis in our understanding and practice for both acute and chronic disease.

Physical Considerations

Continuing the theme of cancer, clients presenting for help are often confused. They query which anti-oxidants should they include; what herbs to use; whether homeopathic injections of mistletoe can be used with their chemotherapy to mention just a few questions. There is also the challenge from the opinions of the oncologist and whether he/she will forbid the use of some or all natural therapies. Similar questions apply to many acute and chronic diseases.

The best place to start is examining our general lifestyle today. Most of us now recognise the need to remove junk food from our diet and to emphasise the use of organic fruit and vegetables, plus suitably filtered water. We are also becoming aware of the incredible level of pollution from tens of thousands of chemicals in our environment. However, with a little effort we can still have a good diet and remove the worst chemicals from our environment through choice of shopping venues and living space.

Then we need to do a bit of study or attend a well-qualified therapist to ascertain what vitamins, minerals, herbs and homeopathic remedies will help balance our energies and remove deficiencies. Focus here will also remove toxic waste and boost immunity. If we ignore this area, no matter how much meditation or healing we undertake, our energy field will suffer. This regulation may take at least six months and can be proceeding at the same time as more subtle areas of our constitution are addressed.

Etheric & Subtle Energy

Many people are becoming aware of the subtler part of the physical body often called the etheric. It is this level that is recharged by sunlight, open green spaces, forests, exercise and meditation. The etheric is under a lot of threat from modern technology resulting in noise, and pollution. Even worse is the effect of microwaves emitted by cell phones, phone towers, radio clocks, wireless computers, smart meters, and portable phones. The European guidelines suggest a limit of 10 microwaves per square metre exposure while working and a level of 5 microwaves for sleeping. Most people are exposed up to 8000 microwaves for large periods each day. There are simple measures of protection that individuals can take but few avail themselves of such opportunities.

Emotional and Mental Factors in Health

The next level to address is our emotional state and our mind. It is true that humanity as a whole is deeply stressed due to the current global challenges. Even most inherited tendencies can be exacerbated by negative emotions and excessive busyness of the everyday mind. Mindfulness meditation groups are sweeping the world and are a positive influence for health. Learning to live in the present moment can be extremely useful for promoting health and wellbeing. Some individuals are more attracted and helped by positive visualisation techniques. There are many DVD’s and classes available featuring a wide range of meditation styles and each individual must explore what is available to choose an appropriate approach.

There is obviously a close connection between the emotions and mind, the next level of our chain. Our everyday mind is concerned with our work, holidays, and possessions. Our subtle mental expression relates to ideals and reflections and to the meaning of life. Unfortunately, we do not often allow enough space in our lives to develop our artistic and philosophical senses.

Soul Factors in Health

The most subtle level of our being is our inner essence or soul. Most of us can recall some experience in our life where we seemed lifted out of our ordinary state and we felt totally transformed and full of life-giving energies. During these transcendental moments, we experienced joy and wellbeing as never before.

What we need is a technique or practice whereby we can recapture this transcendent experience at will. It may not be a set meditation practice. It could be perhaps listening to music or walking in nature. During this time, our energy centres associated with each endocrine gland and with each state of consciousness, hum with the right frequencies. Our immune system also resonates healthily.

To help contact our inner essence and/or to balance these subtle areas of our constitution, we may choose to visit a therapist. It is here that we need to be most discriminating. There are many self-styled gurus in this area making all sorts of claims. Two factors may help us decide their value – their attitude to money and the way they promote themselves. If their costs are reasonable and they present a fairly humble demeanour, and if they have been personally recommended, then it would seem reasonably safe to use their assistance. In the final analysis, we need to find someone who resonates with our particular need. The therapist needs to act as a spiritual midwife who will bring to birth our own healing essence.

It is preferable that our journey towards total health is masterminded by our own choosing and initiative. However, along the way we may need a number of helpers at the various checkpoints in the chain of health. As increasing numbers of individuals tap their soul essence we can expect positive global changes to take place.

The process is summarised in a quote from Esoteric Healing by Alice Bailey on p.538 when describing the first Law of Healing.

 All disease is the result of inhibited soul life. This is true of all forms in all kingdoms. The art of the healer consists in releasing the soul so that its life can flow through the aggregate of organisms which constitute any particular form.




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