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Path of Discipleship

“It is to be noted that there is upon our planet a group of men and women belonging to every nation, who are definitely upon the Path of Discipleship and because of their status, they are all of them as definitely serving the race. They are subjectively welded together into a body, which we have […]

Distribution of World’s Resources

“The distribution of the world’s resources and the settled unity of the peoples of the world are in reality one and the same thing, for behind all modern wars lies a fundamental economic problem. Solve that and wars will very largely cease. In considering, therefore, the preservation of peace, as sought for and emphasized by […]

The Chain of Health & Healing

by Judy Jacka….There is an urgent need for a truly integrated and holistic approach to health and healing by all therapists and medical people. We need to become detectives to find what part in the ‘chain’ within the various levels of our constitution needs attention. Is it an acute physical problem requiring modern surgery; a […]

The Buddha and the Christ

“It was the Buddha who clarified for humanity the nature of desire and its results, with the unhappy effects which desire produces when persistent and unenlightened. It was the Christ Who taught the transmutation of desire into aspiration which, from the expression given to it in The New Testament, was the effort of the human […]


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